Jeremy Spencer: Bio

Born on the fourth of July, 1948, Jeremy Spencer began piano lessons at an early age but switched to guitar at 15. After discovering Elmore James and emulating his style, he formed his own band, Levi Set. His expert slide work and pounding voice caught the attention of record producer, Mike Vernon, who then convinced Peter Green to check out the pint-sized dynamo. The rest is history.

Spencer’s contribution to the band consisted of singing and playing slide guitar in the manner of Elmore James, along with his ability to do impersonations of Elvis Presley and perform tunes by Buddy Holly as well as his originals. Audiences loved Jeremy’s showmanship, and his onstage antics were a perfect foil to Peter Green’s more serious ways. Their unique sound of rockin’ blues contributed to their success, making Fleetwood Mac an international sensation.

Jeremy became the first member of the group to record a solo album. Simply titled “Jeremy Spencer”, it was released in 1970. Besides blues, he covered rockabilly, surf and an Elvis-style ballad.

With his powerful voice and mastery of slide guitar, audiences were satisfied; however, Jeremy was not. He became disillusioned with his taste of fame that came as a member of a successful band. In search of spiritual fulfilment, Jeremy departed Fleetwood Mac in 1971 to join a Christian organization.

Jeremy released two albums, “Jeremy Spencer and the Children”, in 1972 and “Flee”, in 1979. Although he continued to perform and compose original music, it would not be until 2005 that he would return to a commercial studio and record an album called “Precious Little”. This CD marks a return to and yet surpasses the style of his previous recordings. As Dan Forte of Vintage Guitar, November 2006, stated, “Purely on its musical merits, the album, which teams Spencer with Trond Ytterbo’s Norwegian blues band, would rank as the blues comeback album of the year, at the very least. Add Spencer’s back-story, and it may well be the pop music comeback of the past several decades.” (“Precious Little” was indeed nominated as the blues comeback CD of the year, but the award went to Jerry Lee Lewis.)

Besides playing guitar and piano and songwriting, Jeremy enjoys writing and is an accomplished artist and illustrator.

From 1995-2006, he toured India four times in aid of the National Association for the Blind. In

1998, Jeremy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with the founding and present members of Fleetwood Mac. In recent years, Jeremy has performed at festivals and shows in France, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, Denmark, Mexico, Czech Republic and the USA. Jeremy’s mastery of slide has only improved with age and his appeal is now extending to a new generation who know little or nothing of his association with Fleetwood Mac.

Referring to Jeremy’s live performances, Art Tipaldi, editor for Blues Revue, commented, “Jeremy has lost none of the fire from the Fleetwood Mac days. His slide guitar still sends chills. Every note I’ve heard Jeremy play showcases his great commitment to the blues. I’ve seen him ignite the stage with a mixture of classic Chicago blues and smart contemporary songs.”

In 2010 Jeremy recorded 32 new tracks with a team of Detroit musicians, the first release on Propelz label is entitled “Bend in the Road”, which was released as a double LP on April 21, 2012 for International Record Store Day.  Jeremy is in top form displaying an even greater guitar pallet, taste and maturity than back in the day, sounding as vital and genuine a blues treat as ever.  The “Bend In The Road” album is a career culmination, and is getting glowing early reviews:

From Rick Frystak of Amoeba records re: “Bend in the Road”: “From the trax you sent me, this thing is GREAT.  I had chills up my spine listening to it tonight, and when I heard” Aphrodite” the first time a few days ago, I was literally right back into Then Play On territory… couldn’t t believe it…an instant classic right there. I love that track! I   know you know what I’m saying. Classic Mac that Jeremy obviously is carrying around within himself, and totally fresh mixes/production.”