“Coventry Blue” Available Now!

Jeremy Spencer,  legendary British Blues slide guitarist and original member of Fleetwood Mac has released his lastest album “Coventry Blue”.

I found the shade of love that’ll always last
The kind that never fades, its colouring holds fast.
Like blue, true blue Coventry Blue.
Faithful and true, My true blue, Coventry Blue.

If you consider yourself a Blues aficionado and recognize its elemental role in the evolution of Rock History, then you are aware of Jeremy Spencer as one of the premier guitarists of the late 1960s and early 1970s.  It was Spencer’s “My Heart Beat Like A Hammer” that gave Fleetwood Mac’sr debut such an auspicious start and pitched a slide in the band’s very core.  Uncannily, the pint sized Spencer embodied Elmore James’ riffs and vocals to obsession.  He possessed an equal fervor and absolute command of quintessential primordial rock and roll personifying personal hero Buddy Holly and his ilk spot on.After a 26 year absence from the recording studio, the first signal that Jeremy is alive and extremely well came in 2006 with the release of Precious Little on Blind Pig.  Like a bolt from the blue his resurrection upended the “What ever happened to?” theorizers and astonished critics, pundits and bloggers alike knocking them off their solitary perches with its echoes of his slippery fire in full blaze.

Precious Little” ranks as a near perfect comeback record by a master musician who has a unerring feel for the blues. Filled with subtle shadings, beautiful playing, a deeply emotional feel and nary a trace of rock excess, Spencer proves he’s a bluesman of the highest order.
– Jeff Harris, “Bad Dog Blues”

In 2012 came another salvo – a limited edition, double vinyl album for International Record Store Day emblematically entitled: “Bend In The Road”.  It was a result of a suggestion via a valued friend to team up with a young band of Fleetwood enthusiasts.  The musical chemistry was instant and inspiring.  So much so that 32 diverse tracks were laid down creating an album of intimate, handmade joys that moves confidently from blues to Americana to rootsy pop.  The Elmore and Buddy influences and impeccable blues and rock rendering remain intact and vibrant, but so too a new collaborative nature, selflessly trading guitar licks and support with Brett Lucas (the young Detroit guitarist and Mac fan who co-produced and whose band augment the proceedings).

“Bend in the Road” and now “Coventry Blue” are a career culmination of technique meets soul.  Transcendent with escalating emotive sequences of spiritually driven and invested songs, but without sounding dated – instead intoxicatingly assured and relaxed, out of the blue resonant, growing from affection to cherish with subsequent plays. Jeremy retains his verve, passion and devotion to the blues, but now he brings a cultivated maturity, assured conviction and compositional purpose that are truly sublime.  His songs come via his intimate journey from the spiritual core of his heart and connect profoundly with listeners.In “Coventry Blue”, Jeremy Spencer displays his many facets with a wider evolved guitar pallet as displayed on “Bend in the Road”.  The album’s haunting melodies and exquisite guitar harmonies display Spencer’s expansive range of influences from Django Reinhardt to Marty Robbins to Mark Knopfler, fingering them effortlessly and seamlessly incorporating them into his own compositions as natural an easy fit as that of his beloved ceramic slides.

Jeremy explains:
“Since the release of “Bend in the Road”, I have been asked a number of times about the musical variety of the tracks.   Even though I remain true to my blues roots, I enjoy and need to keep moving forward musically. Blues is still the foundation of my most satisfying musical output, and I want it always to be present in its heart and emotion even if the manifestations appear different in style or genre.  “Coventry Blue” contains the second set of songs that I recorded in Detroit during a few sessions in 2010 with Brett Lucas and his band, and I believe that I’ve saved some of the best for last. I noticed that as we progressed in recording and finishing the 32 tracks, we found ourselves becoming more experimental and broadening our musical “palette” so to speak. I am delighted with the results and the possibilities of a future full of ideas collaborating with other like-minded players. When working in a recording studio like that, it’s as though I find my “ground” and I can work tirelessly at it for hours!”

A patchwork quilt of country blues and indie folk that warms the heart with a soulful flair.

By Brent Black

“2014 brings Coventry Blue, a soulful patchwork quilt of compositions that are emotionally invested tunes… With age or “mileage” comes a centered maturity that allows compositions to be focused with laser like intensity while embracing a more eclectic warmth that has always been characteristic of Spencer’s music. This is Jeremy Spencer all grown up and not turning his back on his blues roots but instead pushing musical ideas forward. With Coventry Blue, Jeremy Spencer embraces a wide range of influences in Django Reinhardt and Mark Knopfler yet all done with a refurbished execution of a highly personal artistic voice.  Coventry Blue cuts a wide path through blues, country, jazz and perhaps a deceptively subtle indie folk vibe that should seal the deal for fans young and old. A master class from this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Jeremy Spencer has not lost a step!”

Track list:

  • Happy Troubadour
  • Dearest… mmm,yah
  • Send an Angel
  • Sounds like Paris
  • Blind Lover
  • Open the Door
  • Sweet Were the Days
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Coventry Blue
  • Nightingale’s Pledge
  • Durango
  • Moonshine Slide
  • The World in Her Heart
  • Endlessly

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