Bend in the Road (CD)


Jeremy Spencer

In his latest recording, Jeremy sounds “as authentically tasty as he ever was, with a far wider guitar palette, selflessly sharing guitar licks and support with Brett Lucas, the way Peter and Danny did ala “Albatross” and “Man of The World”. The Elmore and Buddy influence and impeccable blues rendering are intact, but includes influences from Django to Marty Robbins too and reveals a personal and intimate affecting piano style too. The record has this “Layla-esque” quality full of spiritually driven and heartfelt songs that recalled LP’s of yore (yes they still make em’), but doesn’t sound dated – instead intoxicatingly relaxed, surprisingly resonant, and grows in affection to cherish with repeated listens.” — Sam Epstein, filmmaker and former Rhino Records artistic director.

Tracks: Homesick, Cry for me Baby, Whispering Fields, Walked a Mile, Earthquake, Aphrodite, Secret Sorrow, Stranger Blues, Homework, Desired Haven, Come to Me, Merciful Sea, Refugees, Bend in the Road

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